The idea for the founding of the SHEEE FOUNDATION came completely “out of the blue” as I was sitting quietly waiting for an appointment. SHEEE came in as its own uniquely living breathing creation that continuously changes and grows with each new possibility for helping humanity and all of the beings on our planet.

From children’s and family programs, to healing modalities, equine therapy, biodynamic farming, being a US Ambassador to an amazing organization in India, whose diverse programs are completely free of charge, and plans of implementing their ideas here. The possibilities are endless and continue to present themselves in and exciting variety of ways.

The people who have embraced and grown with the SHEEE FOUNDATION each brought in their own unique and creative gifts, which adds an amazing profoundness, depth of community and organic growth of endless possibilities.

SHEEE arrived fully laid out with clear ideas of how she would be created. What the buildings would look like and how they would be organized and designed to reflect the beauty of the natural surroundings, which is an integral part of her being.It was organized in modules, which together created the whole, so that it would easily lend itself to being designed in other areas. Each new location would have its own unique look and feel based on the modules chosen and the nature surrounding it, while expressing the pure intent of the original idea.

The name of the SHEEE FOUNDATION came to me a bit later. I had been exploring different names to see how they fit. I was awoken in the middle of the night, sent out to the kitchen and sat down. With paper and pencil in hand I was given the name SHEEE ~ Service and Harmony through Education Enlightenment Empowerment. It fit perfectly!Then I was given the logo, which with the guidance I was receiving, was able to draw it out in perfect proportions and complete with the lettering. I must say, it was a very cool experience!

The SHEEE FOUNDATION has been created with the purpose of supporting the well being of you, as an individual. We hope you will enjoy the information we have provided, and as seekers, you will in all ways continue to learn, grow, and teach what you know. As we are, each of us, an integral part of the One.

Sheee Foundation Logo

Susan O’Connell, Founder and Trustee

Meg Lupin, Trustee

Diane M. Renna, Officer