About Susan Dale O’Connell, Founder and Trustee

MY STORY…Starts new, starts now, in this moment….always, from birth.

I am continuously recreating the story of my life in every moment because every momenthas more to create from than the last.

Each experience has a gift.My gift from choosing a family who always seemed to be unhappy and angry is that, at a very early age I learned to hold space for peace and serenity. To be alone but not lonely.

My gift from the tragic loss of my son at age twenty-one is that I set off on a new path of discovery, seeking answers for the feelings of pain and loss that were always with me. On that path I found Reiki and became a Reiki Master after I experienced the magic of this sacred energy.

I found Neuro Linguistic Programming partnered with NLP Hypnotherapy, and became certified in these modalities because they filled a very special place I hold in my heart for wanting to help others.

My gift from my beautiful, strong, independent daughter is that I learned to love without holding on or holding back. To know that we each have our own distinct path in this life and have a birth right to the freedom of being able to walk it however we choose.

My gift from my life long love of horses has brought into my life two beautiful splendid, gifted, comical and intelligent mares who are choosing to help us heal and learn to love unconditionally as they do, let go of past hurts and trauma as they do, be completely immersed in each moment as they are because they know that in truth this is all we have.

Every being that has come into my life since birth, whether from a moment’s glance, to life-long relationships has become a part of this wonder that is my life.Every experience has added its own unique essence, and all have culminated, in this moment, to create what I have been moving toward in this lifetime.

I am humbled and very blessed to have been gifted with the blueprint for the SHEEE FOUNDATION; and astounded beyond measure with the two beautifully evolved and gifted people who have chosen to be a part of her story, Meg Lupin and Diane Renna. Thank you to all who are willing to step into this story and become a participant in support of the ever evolving programs and events as a result of our co-creating. Imagine ~ Create ~ Explore.

About Diane M. Renna, Officer

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, child advocate, YogaKids Foundations certified teacher, author, and I recently became a BEMER facilitator and distributor. At 14, I had a near-death experience that gave me an unwavering faith in God. As an adult, I learned to accept my gifts and trust my guidance while helping my family overcome life challenges. This started me on my spiritual journey to discovering part of my life’s purpose: helping and inspiring others.

For over 14 years, I have studied many different energy and healing techniques and I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2008. I have created many inclusive and inspiring programs and workshops based on my years of research, life experiences and growth in helping my children with sensory processing & modulation issues and receptive & expressive speech/language delays. I evolved in my role of Being as a mother and learned my true purpose in life. I learned to be patient, to let things go, to trust, and to live in the moment to name a few. I learned about indigo children and how to navigate the course in raising three of them, while accepting my gifts in the process…I had to be open and willing to experience life with them by loving them unconditionally. My children are now 21,18, and 11 years old. I know I will continue to learn, evolve, and push thru my comfort-zone in life, but I know from experience that trusting and following my guidance will make things easier. I know that I am not alone and that I am part of a collective that has a loving plan for the greater good of all.

I am passionate and excited to continue to create many self-empowering programs and mindfulness workshops, events, and retreats for all ages. I want to share the knowledge I have learned over decades in a safe, comfortable, fun, and non judgmental environment. I like to share the lighter side of life and laugh too! I know there is hope for people living in an overstimulating world. I feel blessed to be an Officer with the SHEEE Foundation and I am excited to be helping to bring her vision forward in educating, enlightening, and empower others.

I am happily married to my husband Lorenzo for over 23 years and look forward to our next chapter in helping others together. I am the author of the world-renown children’s book about my daughter, Meghan’s World: The Story of One Girl’s Triumph over Sensory Processing Disorder & In the Light of God’s Love – A journey to acceptance, self-discovery, spiritual truths and healing. I often works with other companies and agencies to promote the importance of early intervention and advocacy of children with SPD & Autism. I have the ability to connect with differently-abled children and individuals.

You can learn more about Meghan and my family’s journey to wellness at
www.MeghansTriumphOverSpd.com & me at www.DianeMRenna.com

Here is a link to a YouTube video that I created showcasing the many programs I do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6GgFsbBxsc&feature=youtu.be