Equine Therapy:

Our Equine Therapy is provided by Lucy Lena O’Connell and her sister Smart and Fair (Baby) O’Connell. They are beautiful quarter horse mares who have walked this earth with grace, intelligence, curiosity, playfulness, and above all Pure Love, for over two decades.

Lucy and Baby are sovereign beings who are free to explore their land and surroundings. When I told them they would never be ridden for the rest of their lives and that they were free I could feel the immediate expansion of their Being and Knowing that this is how we are all meant to live.

They delight in interacting with people (whom they find to be a curious species) in their open and free surroundings. They show us that by being in and connecting with nature we learn how to connect with our hearts, to let go of fear and anger, and replace it with love and compassion.

Lucy and Baby know intuitively what we are thinking and feeling. They never judge, criticize or blame. They are experts in living in the moment andfinding the joy and blessings in just being in each moment completely.

Their favorite activity is eating. They love grass, hay, their buckets which hold vitamins and other things that their beautiful bodies love which most of all is carrots!

Lucy loves to run for the pure pleasure of it. She has an extended trot which is very graceful and shows off her glorious mane and tail with their highlights. Lucy tries to get Baby to run with her. Occasionally she is successful, however, most of the time Baby prefers to saunter, and she does it with dignity. They look forward to meeting you

Programs Below Offered by Diane M. Renna:

Sensory Enriched Playgroups & Parent Learning Programs:

In July of 2006 my youngest child, Gavin, was born. As he grew, I noticed he started to face many life challenges both similar and different to his older siblings. However at this time, Meghan & Michael were recovered, healthy & happy and I was well-informed. I knew what steps to take to help him, etc. In addition, I was in the process of writing and self publishing my children’s book, Meghan’s World: The Story of One Girl’s Triumph Over Sensory Processing Disorder, which I wrote to help validate children’s feeling, to give parents links to research all in one place, as well as to open dialogue between the child and his/her parents or therapists, etc.

As Gavin got better, I realized there were not that many services available for him that incorporated what I knew would help him. So in 2009, I had the vision to create sensory-enriched playgroups and parent learning programs to help parents help their children. I understood the family stresses and demands of raising a child who is differently-abled and gifted. I knew from experience what it feels like when you are overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do, etc. I wanted to give families hope, knowledge, and the tools to succeed in their daily lives. I wanted to share what worked with my family.

Eventually, my company Indigo Impressions LLC was birthed and I created many sensory enriched, mindful, and educational programs, such as the: Sensory Enriched Playgroup & Parent Learning Program, Sensational Social Skills Group, Creative Expressions Kid’s Club, Creative Kid’s Yoga Club, Teen Meditations & Workshops, and a Summer Camp held in my backyard that incorporated multi-sensory learning, mindfulness, and empowerment.

Family Fun & Wellness Weekend:

The family fun and wellness weekend came to me a few years back. This is a vision I had that incorporates fun, family and wellness. Often times families with differently-abled children and adults find it hard to go away or “get-a-way” without worry about how things will go. This program is designed to give respite and support to all family members in a group setting with like-minded families, etc. It will give parents time to learn about topics that interest them given by well-educated speakers on various topics, such as sensory diet & daily living skills, nutrition, diet, traditional & alternative therapies, mindfulness, and simple activities to help them de-stress and regroup. The siblings of the differently-abled children will gather together as well and get some much needed support and fun with kids who live similar life-styles, giving them the opportunity to shine. Lastly, the differently-abled kids will gather together and have fun and socialize in a safe, group setting with team support…sometimes they just need a break from the various therapies and handwork they put in year-round! This program will be all inclusive and provides parents the assurances that they often worry about such as, diet, one-one support, safety, accommodations etc. This well planned weekend will also include various opportunities to simply rest and enjoy some much needed family down time together.

Self-Empowering Workshops & Retreats:

As Meghan, Michael, and Gavin grew, I became more spiritual and in-tune with my inner-self, life’s purpose, and God’s plan for me. I learned to live in the moment, to just Be, to trust myself as well as a higher power, and to appreciate the beauty of the world around me. My children were and still are my greatest teachers. Becoming a mom truly transformed me and I learned how the simple things in life are the gems to hold on to.

I always had a tremendous faith and had a near-death experience when I was 14 years old. From then on, I was not afraid of death and knew a brief outline of how my life would pan out. I knew I was here for a reason. In addition, I had a few “life lessons” in my younger days that taught me forgiveness, to be non judgement, and to find the silver-lining in life. However, becoming a mom and loving my children unconditionally opened up my heart and my mind to accept my gifts and to see the world thru their eyes. My kids are indigo and crystal children.

Eventually, I set out on a quest to learn more. I read many books, attended weekly meditations and various workshops of interest to me. I learned many different healing techniques and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2008. I started to meditate daily and automatic write. I participated in the Messenger of Change Movement and wrote/channeled a mini-book entitled, In the Light of God’s Love – A journey to acceptance, self-discovery, spiritual truths and healing. I started to create many teen and adult workshops based on the principals from In the Light of God’s Love, covering main topics like Life Lessons & Their Relevance, Going Within & Finding Inner Peace, and A New Way of Looking at Life, which I delve into in a unique and create way that brings about awareness. In 2012 on Earth Day, I held a One Day Wellness Workshop in Gurney’s in Montauk, Long Island, New York.

Wellness/Retreat Center:

I will continue to create and offer self-empowering programs and mindfulness workshops, events, and retreats for all ages with the SHEEE Foundation. In March of 2011, I had a vision and channeled “a wheel” of a healing center that incorporates many of my person experiences and vast knowledge I have learned over decades. I am excited to see this come to fruition and work with Meg and Susan as an Officer and to bring Service and Harmony through Education, Enlightenment, and Empowerment to the greater good of all.

I AM Evan Short Film:

I also helped my loving and supportive husband of 23 years, Lorenzo, to create a short film about Evan Cotter called I AM Evan in 2017. Evan is a non-verbal, deaf, and blind inspiration with Trisomy 13. I became friends with Evan’s mother, Adrienne, when we were pregnant and volunteering at our local elementary school. Over the years our families became close and good friends. I have been there all along to watch the marvels, strength, and joy that Evan emits to all those around him. Eventually, I realized that I had the ability to communicate with Evan and he has many beautiful and uplifting messages to share. I still do not know fully how this happens, but I trust it and know it is true. I have come to accept this gift and am honored to share the views and messages he has with the world. I am also grateful to Meg Lupin and Weston Schmier for helping me with this wonderful gift.

Here is a link to Evan’s short documentary…you can see for yourself the inspiration and heart-felt love he is by just Being: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-ajgmD4LHc